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Go Tournament Games Live!

On this website we broadcast games from Go tournaments live! The games are recorded with the IZIS AI board, transferred to the IZIS server and automatically also to the Online Go Server (OGS). From OGS we make the games available here on this website so that, for example, several games can be followed conveniently at the same time. We also announce future broadcasts on this website and make the SGF files of the games available for download even after the events.

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Note and Thanks

All on this website broadcasted games can also be followed directly at the Izis Live Hall or on the Online Go Server (OGS). This website is mainly intended to help you to find boadcasted games before, during and after the events. If you have any suggestions  to make this website more conveniant, please contact us.

Many thanks to Jörg Sonnenberger, who wrote the scripts for the automatic transfer of the IZIS Board games to OGS and the display of these games on this website. If you are a tournament organizer and you are interested in the automatic transfers from IZIS Board games to OGS, please read the short HowTo by Jörg Sonnenberger.

If you also want your IZIS/OGS broadcast being presented on this website, please contact us directly!